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Like I Mean Rita
Rita's silly thoughts
5th-Jul-2030 06:27 pm - My Resources
House Cast
Find my list of resources behind LJ's cut  =D

Not Big (End of time)
What's your New Year's Resolution?
There's so many...

First and, I guess, most important, start studying. Ok, or at least doing my homework.

Second, get thin. I'm really tired of being fat. I mean... Meg Cabot may say "Size 12 is not fat" but we all know she's lying.

Third... Get a romantic life! A real one. Stop waiting months for an idiot and stop eyefucking everybody. I want more than eyefucking. Actually... maybe real fucking. It seems good.

Fourth... Go to England! And I'm almost sure this one will happen, yey!

Fifth: Start volunteering in some animals association, for real.

Sixth: Be a freakin' good friend.

Seventh... Start being more comprehensive at home?

Eighth: Don't miss a single one TV-Show episode of my favorites, after the strike.

Nineth: Paint my hair again. Bright blue.


I think it will be a pretty full year xD
Not Big (Mental)
Do you wanna know what REALLY is nice?
When you start being bad at school.
When all your teachers let you leave earlier.
When the guy you love starts hitting on one of your best friends, looks at you, smiles like a bastard and goes back to hitting on her.
When right after that you are sitting with your gay best-friend in the school stairs and the hottest guy in school passes by and totally eye-fuck you, for sooo many time?

Yeah, that was my day. A sucession of infortunate and fortunate events. So, I don't really know how I should feel. Maybe I should be sad, maybe I should be happy. It's just so weird!
5th-Oct-2007 09:22 pm - REQUEST FILLING
Not Big (Mental)
Ok, girls, sorry about the delay. I've done what you've asked, so, here it is!

Hope you like those, girls!
12th-Sep-2007 01:54 pm - Multifandom icons
Not Big (Mental)
[4] Stock Coffee
[12] Colin Firth (several movies and events)
[2] Dr. Addison Montgomery (Grey's Anatomy)
[5] Stock Kisses (hetero and homo)
[2] Katherine Heigl
[3] Justin Chambers
[10] Kate Walsh (most w/friends or cast)
[5] Johny Depp
[15] House M.D. (one of them contains a little spoiler of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)

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